2017, Time To Let Go For A Happier And Hopeful New You

Walk away from these things right away for a better and happier year.

For this year’s new year resolution, do something different. Think of all the things that can affect you not just physically but mentally and emotionally too. Pledge to work on your overall wellbeing this year. Here are things you must move on from in the beginning of 2017 itself:

Toxic friends: You need to get rid of friends who treat you as convenience stores and drain you emotionally. They don’t want you to succeed and will put you down most of the times. Whether it is discouraging your weight loss plans or playing mind games to confuse you all the time.

Heartbreak: If you have experienced a heartbreak in 2016, it’s time to work hard to move on this year. Get it out of your system because the person does not deserve your tears or hatred. So don’t waste your time and energy on them. Start your new life with enthusiasm and look forward to better things in life.

What people say: Someone may be better than you academically, or at a better position in a professional life. Then there’ll be someone married with kids at your age while people still bug you for choosing to live independently. Forget what people say and live your dream. You know what is best for you. Remember that from the first week of 2017.

Grudges: Fighting or arguments with friends, colleagues or your loved ones are a part and parcel of your life. But don’t hold on to grudges now. People around you can have different opinions and perceptions. Accept that fact. Let go off all the grudges this year so that you can be at peace mentally.

Underestimating yourself: Stop thinking that others are better than you. It can affect your self-esteem in many ways and also make you under-confident. This lack of confidence will affect you not just professionally but emotionally too. It is time you start analyzing your capabilities and make the best of it.

Laziness: It’s important to sleep 7-8 hours a day but anything more than that is being lazy. You must rest when required but you’ll have to work hard at all other times. If you want to succeed and make the most of your time. Stop procrastinating and just planning. It’s time to execute your plans this year.

Useless feelings: We all get hurt, feel disappointed, offended at several occasions. But what is important is that you don’t allow these feelings to affect your overall wellbeing. Learn to be practical this year and leave all those useless feelings that hold you back.

Struggle to be perfect: Mental peace and happiness are more important than being perfect. No one is perfect and that’s the thing you need to keep in mind. So don’t struggle to prove yourself all the time and do everything perfectly. Prioritize and things that are not in your control are best delegated to others. There is no harm in taking help.

Giving excuses: Is the cold weather your excuse for not going to the gym? Or just because your maid is on leave, are you going to eat out all week? Stop using excuses to not follow a healthy lifestyle. Get rid of all of them at the beginning of this year.

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