Man Comes Home To The Most Infuriating Prank You Could Possibly Think Of


You know that expression, ‘hit the bricks’? That’s what this guy from Mainhausen, Germany, did when he got home from work. His front door had been ‘bricked up’…
Apparently, the mortar was so dry that he had to use an ax to break the barricade down!
To you sitting at home this may seem hilarious, but neither the man nor the police did…
“It reminded me of the building of the Berlin Wall,” a police spokesman said, according to the BBC. “That went up pretty quickly, too.”
He added: “It’s a crime and no joke.”
The damage was estimated at around 523$ all said and done, including damage to the door frame and bell.
Police report no leads thus far, but are taking this very seriously.

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