Emily Ratajkowski’s Jaw Dropping Wardrobe Malfunction


It’s a doozy alright.
You know that feeling when you put on a dress and it makes you feel so good you just want to dance around in it? Yes, we have all had it, albeit infrequently.
Well, it turns out that even celebrities are susceptible to the happy dress dance, however, not all gown are up for the two step jive.

In case you missed it, Emily Ratajkowski walked this year’s Golden Globes red carpet wearing the most beautiful floor-length, canary yellow Reem Acra gown and left a slew of dropped jaws in her wake.
But by the time Em made it to the after party she was keen to show off just how beautiful her dress was.
In between flipping the silky fabric this way and that, Em must have become a little too caught up in the moment because she accidentally flashed her underwear to everyone in sight.

Despite the awkward mishap, Em still managed to look absolutely incredible, proving that even an epic wardrobe malfunction isn’t necessarily the end of the world.

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