This Will Make You Swear Off Green Smoothies Forever!


Vegetable culprits included in green smoothies are celery, and parsley, maca (usually as powder) as well as others like spinach, kale, broccoli, collard greens swiss chard.
So, the question is, are these green monsters really good for you?
Raw Leafy Greens Contain High Oxalate Levels
Consumption of quantities of raw, leafy green vegetables as occurs when a person drinks green smoothies can be deceiving at first as a person will probably initially feel great after adopting this habit. Great switch from McDonald’s.
“The vegetables used in green smoothies are almost without exception high oxalate foods. Over time, a high oxalate diet can contribute to some very serious health problems. High oxalate diet can deal a devastating blow to health.”
Oxalate Toxicity Not a New Problem
Humans have suffered the effects of oxalate toxicity since ancient times.
Oxalates can be deposited almost anywhere in the body and wherever they land, pain or worse is the result.
75-90% of kidney stones are oxalate-related with 10-15% of Americans afflicted at some point during their lives.
Does Cooking Destroy Oxalates?
What about cooking the greens first? Would this reduce the risk of oxalate overload and make green smoothies safer?
Not really, because oxalates are extremely stable. While cooking high oxalate foods and discarding the cooking water does reduce the level of anti-nutrients, it remains quite high.
If you consume green smoothies only occasionally, however, a light steaming is a good idea. This practice adds a degree of safety to the process.
What to do if a Green Smoothie Diet Has Already Harmed Your Health
Are you already are suffering from some of the ailments described in this article? Do you suspect a high oxalate diet which includes green smoothies or a daily spinach salad may be the cause? If so, stop this practice immediately and consult with a holistic physician. You will likely need professional assistance to guide you on the road to recovery. Ridding your body of oxalate crystals that are potentially irritating one or more of your body tissues is no simple task! It is advisable not to attempt this on your own.

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