Life Got You Down? Eat Some Yogurt!


There have been studies done that tell us that certain types of food have the ability to alter your mood, but new research has shown that yogurt may have the ability to cure depression.
Research done by the University of Virginia has shown that when fed yogurt – mice with behavior similar to depression, have their behaviors reversed. The research goes into detail by saying that the amount of bacteria contained in our stomachs has the ability to alter our mental health. To add to that fact, it has been revealed that those with poor diets are more likely to become depressed.

It has been said that over 300 million of the worlds population may suffer from depression, making it the leader in the category of disabilities. With that said, if there was confirmation that yogurt has the ability to cure yogurt, there would be less of a need for numerous expensive pharmaceuticals and instead people could consume yogurt.
Researchers have concluded that there isn’t enough research done on the subject to make a conclusion, but believe that they are on the right track towards coming up with a better solution to depression. With numerous factors going into what actually causes someone to become depressed, they’re finding it hard to make a single cure-all at the moment.

For now, these researchers suggest that yogurt should be eaten by everyone, regardless of their mental state.

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