Research Suggests Being Lazy Equals Sign of High Intelligence

A study done by an independent research firm in the US has made findings that suggest those with higher intelligence spend less energy doing physical activities, as they less likely to get bored because they spend more of their time thinking.
When compared to those who are of lower intelligence, it is said that they need to be engaged in more physical activities for stimulation, because they are more likely to become bored with their environment and don’t like to spend any of their free time in thought.

In the study done to track this hypothesis, the researchers tracked the physical activity of two groups of participants, who were deemed either low or high intelligence based off of a cognition test. According to the results, they found that those who were more engaged in thought were the ones who were less active, and those who were less in thought were the ones who were most active.
While this confirmed their hypothesis, the researchers were then posed with the threat of highly intelligent people having lower health, due to the fact that they were engaged less in physical activity.

It seems as if no matter which way you go there are pros and cons to both sides. Those are have tendencies to be in thought more should be aware of their health conditions and spend less time in thought and more being active.

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