Sleep Better With These 3 Tips!


Having troubles sleeping because you keep tossing and turning in bed? Can’t get your mind to calm down to catch those Zs? Well, try these 3 suggestions that will help you sleep better! Just like diet and exercise, sleeping is important to one’s body so don’t skip out on having a good night’s sleep.
1. Get rid of the extra bedding on your bed

Although it’s comfy and cozy to surround yourself with additional blankets and pillows, think about getting rid of some of those bedding. The sleep experts have spoken and they say that the best temperature to get a solid 8 hours of sleep is to sleep on the cooler side, say around 60 to 67 degrees.
2. Exercise in the morning

When you’re sleep deprived, waking up early to head to the gym probably doesn’t sound so fun. But studies have proven that if the first thing you do in the morning is exercise, you could reduce your blood pressure, which in turn will allow you to sleep more restfully at night.
3. Do some yoga before you sleep

According to a survey done, people who do some yoga before heading to bed sleep better. Not only does yoga reduce stress, but it also clears your mind.

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