Title of Upcoming ‘X-Men’ TV Show Adaptation Announced


After seeing much success with the television series adaptation of the comic book series Legion, it’s no wonder why Fox is in full pursuit of bringing the beloved X-Men franchise back to television. With the love of Legion, show creators are looking to bring that success with X-Men.
With the details getting finalized, the producer of the show, Lauren Donner, posted on her Twitter page the final title of the show, “Gifted.”

There hasn’t been any official word as to what the show will involve and if it will have any connection to the storyline of any of the movies, but it has been shared that characters from the comic books will be in the show.
We don’t expect any of the characters from the movies to make a appearance in the show, and for the show to be it’s own entity away from the movies. Maybe the odd reference or two since the universe is shared, but that’s about it. If Legion is any indicator of where they expect to take the show, we expect to be taken on a great ride.

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