Try Out These 5 Suggestions The Next Time You’re Snowed In


What do you do on snow days that you just don’t want to leave your house?
Sure it’s always great to just relax in front of your TV with a cozy blanket, thick socks, a warm drink and not a care in the world, but why not try one or more of the following suggestions the next time you’re snowed in!
1. Warm yourself up by breaking a sweat.

Although skipping the gym because of snow is a good excuse to bail out of your workout for the day, you don’t have to! Why not work out your entire body in your living room? Try for 20-minutes the following exercises: high knee jumps, squats and planks. By partaking in short, but high-intensity, workouts, you can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, as well strengthen up your muscles and bones.
2. Do some cooking!

Sound like a chore? Well don’t treat it as one! Instead, try cooking up a hearty recipe that requires a few hours to cook, a dish you wouldn’t normally cook on a work day! Something like a crock pot soup would be ideal for the day since nothing says better than warming up with some delicious hot soup.
3. Nap for a bit.

Take advantage of having a free day by doing absolutely nothing other than catching up on your Zs!
4. Play some board games to pass the time

Exercise your brain with some board games! Gather your family members or friends and play a game that will make the day go by fast! Not only are you spending some quality time with close ones, but research has also suggested that board games is good for cognitive functioning.
5. Do some coloring

Get in with the trend and try some adult coloring. Not only is it relaxing, but it also helps in reducing stress!

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