Australia Pushes For Hosting Candidacy of 2022 Commonwealth Games

Representatives of the cities of Perth and Melbourne have been leading a push for their country to host the Commonwealth Games in 2022.
This news comes after Durban dropping out of hosting duties due to a lack of finances needed to host the games.

Back in 2006 Melbourne was the host of the Commonwealth Games and fully welcome a return of the event to their city. When talking to the mayor of the city, he went on to mention, “Melbourne already has the infrastructure in place to host an event of this magnitude, there are not a lot of cities in the world that can say that.”
Australia isn’t the first country to display interest in hosting the event, as the British cities of Birmingham and Liverpool have also sent in bids to the committee.

Both Perth and Melbourne have been hosts of the games in the past, and are now just looking for a push from the government to help secure a spot to host.

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