Into Avocado Sandwiches? Well Check Out These 9 Recipe Ideas!


Avocados, who doesn’t love them?
What makes this unique buttery tasting fruit even better? Well of course when it’s made into sandwiches!

Join the trend and start adding avocados to your sandwiches if you haven’t done so already! Trust me, it’ll bring your sandwiches to a whole new tasty level. Who knew?
My favorite way to eat avocado is as a breakfast sandwich, with some buttered toast, a spread of avocado topped with a sunny side cooked egg and tomato.

But venturing out of my comfort zone, I’ve resorted to looking up additional avocado sandwich recipes. That’s when I stumbled upon POPSUGAR Food’s avocado video.
Take a look at the following video and share your thoughts with us!

Did the video excite your taste buds?

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