Kaley Cuoco Amongst Others Are Some Of The Famous Faces You’ll Recognize At This Year’s Equestrian World Cup

Who can we expect to be attending the equestrian World Cup in Omaha this year? How about an actress from popular TV show ‘The Big Bang Theory’? Or the daughter of the world’s richest man alive? Let’s not forget about all the talented riders around the globe.
With the international equestrian championship beginning this month, those are just some of the faces we can expect to see participate in the competition, or watching it from the stands.

Taking place from March 29 to April 2nd, the 2017 World Cup Finals will host the top 50 riders around the world in two categories, show jumping and dressage, so you can expect to see some Olympic medalists in with the mix.
The event will be great for people watching, as fans won’t know who might show up. CEO of the Omaha Equestrian Foundation states that you might be able to see someone famous or wealthy at the event.

For example, you might be able to see Kaley Cuoco at the event, along side Californian horse rider Karl Cook.
Other than the actress, you will get to see Jennifer Gates, whose father is none other than Bill Gates, ride in the Grand Prix event. So like any other proud dad, Bill Gates is sure to be in the stands cheering on his daughter.

More well-known faces are to appear at the event so keep your eyes peeled if you are attending the competition!

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