New Unisex Collection From H&M Aims To Break Gender Barriers


Gender means nothing for H&M’s latest unisex denim collection. The clothing brand hopes to break down gender barriers with its Denim United collection.
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The international fashion retailer goal through this collection is to create a sustainable and modern clothing line that everyone can wear. In doing so, the company will be blurring the borders that once categorized fashion into men’s fashion or women’s fashion by creating clothing that borrows fabrics and silhouettes from both genders.
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A spokesperson for the clothing brand, Marybeth Schmitt, stated in a press release that it was only natural that the company create a unisex collection since fashion is always “evolving and intersecting”. She goes on to say that in fashion, there is no boundaries and should be inclusive.
What kind of looks can you expect to see from the collection? From what we have seen so far, the unisex collection will include some oversized pieces, as well as some casual mix-and-match items like jackets, overalls and shorts. All items will be available to consumers in a variety of washes.
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Another reason why you should buy clothing from this collection is that the clothing is also environmentally friendly! The materials are made out of organic and recycled cotton. Talk about innovation.
The collection will be made available March 23 with its launched, though for now the items can only be found online at the store’s shop.

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