4 Clever Ways to Improve Your Nutritional Intake

Fruits and vegetables provide us with nutrients and vitamins that our bodies need to stay healthy. They provide us with a way to combat numerous diseases, reduce blood pressure and even prevent certain kinds of cancer.
For those looking to improve their diets, but dislike the thought of eating more vegetables, we’ve found 5 clever ways to help you and your loved ones switch up your diet and consume more healthier items.

1. Switch Over to Olive Oil

If you haven’t already, making the switch to olive oil will help make a huge difference in your health. Research has shown that olive oil has the ability to improve your health, as it is high in antioxidants, can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels and even reduce inflammation.

2. Disguise Vegetables

For those who are picky about what they eat and completely refuse eating their greens, you can put vegetables into dishes in places they normally wouldn’t suspect.
For example, when putting together some homemade burgers, shred some squash or carrots along with the meat and add it into the mix. They’ll be none the wiser, and it’ll taste just as good.

3. Experiment With Different Vegetables

Eventually, you’re bound to run into a vegetable that you actually like the taste of. There’s no need to have the mentality that you hate every vegetable, go in with a fresh and open mentality to everything you try. Sure there are some disgusting vegetables out there, but for every gross one there’s an equally delicious one.
Go out there and try new things, you never know what you may actually like until you actually try it.

4. Soups!

Soups are a great way to increase your intake of vegetables in a much easier and tastier way.
Most people don’t consume as much vegetables as they should, and a great way to remedy this problem would be to make soups filled with vegetables instead of eating raw vegetables.

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