Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner No Longer Divorcing?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer have called off their divorce and gotten back together.
According to multiple sources close to the couple, they want to give it another try, and Garner was the one to initiate things. “Jennifer made the decision to try again, she doesn’t want a divorce to happen. They want things to work out,” revealed the source.

When talking to another source close to the couple, they had revealed that they equally wanted to get back together. “They’re in love more than ever, and really want things to work out. They want to be a family again with their kids.”
It was back in 2015 when the couple had announced their split after a decade of marriage. Although they had decided to separate, the two still remained close for the sake of their children. Things remained relatively the same, as the family would still vacation together and live in the same vicinity.

No confirmation has been given yet by the couple.

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